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Who we are

Muthengo Car Rental, the number one car rental firm in Zimbabwe, is pleased to present to you our industry leading car rental services.

Our services are tailored to give you the best value for money ensuring your hire is a memorable one

Muthengo Car Rental was established in 2013 to offer the best car rental services in Zimbabwe. We provide fully serviced, insured, roadworthy and reliable vehicles. Comfort, enjoyment and full customer satisfaction are at the heart of our business.

We offer a unique pricing model that makes sure you enjoy the best car hire service at the most competitive cost in Zimbabwe. Our pricing can also be tailor made to suit your unique requirements

Your ride is waiting for you

We have a full blow wide range of vehicles to select from, it only take just a minutes and your are done!

Who we've worked with

We have worked with a lot of clients, our past and current clients include the following